Why Migrate Your Content?

There are many reasons why you would want to migrate your web content to a new Content Management System (CMS). For some clients it is simply that their old site is too slow, for others it is server issues, outdated features, lack of support or simply a desire to upgrade. A site migration can be tricky though and if it is mishandled it could result in downtime and ongoing problems. When you ask us to manage a CMS migration, we make sure it is fully project managed with clear deadlines. Your website is your shop window and we make sure it stays visible with as little disruption as possible for users when you migrate your content.

  • Quality checks – Once we are sure everything is working right we check security, access speeds, SEO and all the other technical bits and pieces before ending the migration by closing your old site.
  • Defined & Effective Process - To make the CMS migration hassle free, time-efficient, secure, and robust.
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What Happens When You Migrate?

A good migration is a result of good project management. We look after your site as if it was our own and ensure that you are fully aware of the process. Migrating your CMS is a little like moving to a new house, you need to do it now and again and once it is done, assuming it is done right, you will be stable and settled for years to come.

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    Assess current site and map a migration plan

    The first step in moving your site is to understand the content and the relationships at play within it. We need to know where every link goes and where all the related content sits within the old architecture. Once we have this, we can map a migration.

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    Confirm time scales and strategy

    We plan a detailed strategy of dates, times and critical operations, then inform you of when and where things will happen.

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    Audit and back up

    We can create any kind of website – brochure, e-commerce, portfolio, business portals, public sector sites, magazines and online communities.

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    Migration and testing of new site

    We promise that we will not go a penny over budget, and we have always delivered on time!

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