The Company:

We were approached by a high end currency exchange company based in Canary Warf London. The client has a currency exchange website where they allow users cheap bank-to-bank payments in foreign currencies.

The Challenge:

The client had five websites built in Drupal and they wanted all five websites migrated into one WordPress multisite making it easier for their customers to login and navigate around their website and have all the options in one place. There was a lot of data handling as all of the information was across 5 databases with over 2500 pages, all with different themes and in multiple languages.


All 5 databases and themes were combined into one WordPress multisite where all of the information now sits in one place. Customers who are needing currency exchange.

  • Category:
    Web Development, Web Migration
  • Industry:
    Financial & Investment
  • Stack:
    CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress

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